We help you unlock the freedom to live, work remotely and invest in
nearly 50 countries around the world.

Earn, invest or qualify for residency privileges based on your:

Real estate, investment funds, early stage VC, public equities

Ancestry-based citizenship, passive income-based, professional background

Digital nomad visas range from 12 months up to 24 months

Our members fall into two categories

“I want to move abroad in
next 12-18 months”
“I’m looking for a Plan B
(and maybe a Plan C)”
An end-to-end solution

Our services eliminate the frustration, uncertainty, and costly delays that have become the norm when applying for dual citizenship, not the exception.

Cohort-based approach

Our members enjoy a structured, process-driven services plan that benefits from the insights and experiences of their peers

For us, by us

Our platform connects investors,professionals, and retirees with dual citizenshipacross the EU

Join our active and growing community

Our structured, process-oriented application process cover six important milestones.