Does the dual citizenship process feel like a...

wrapped in a…

inside an...

A once-in-a-lifetime process

When it comes to dual citizenship,
most of us face a steep
learning curve.

Problems with process of applying for dual citizenship


Problem We Solve

Does ancestry-based citizenship seem unnecessarily complicated?

The process of obtaining and maintaining alternate residency and citizenship is inherently challenging due to its unique structural characteristics.

Very limited, if any, prior experience with entire process

By definition, the process of applying for dual citizenship is a first for 90% of consumers.

Online research yields superficial and inconclusive results

Incomplete, superficial, and often biased web content is the norm, not the exception.

Document retrieval efforts are time-consuming

Grappling with U.S. (state and  federal) and European vital records requirements is an exercise of trial and error.

"Ultimately, a second passport is all about giving you more options. And the more options you have, the more freedom you will experience."

Rogelio Caceres | Founder
Global RCG

Problems with foreign immigration industry


Problem We Solve

The global residency and citizenship industry lacks transparency, shuns innovation and has no incentive to change

The likelihood of being
over-charged by foreign
vendors is high

Places North American consumers at a distinct disadvantage.

The legal and regulatory landscape is complex, and subject to change

Difficult to stay current.

Pricing is not
transparent and
somewhat arbitrary

Especially problematic given the high stakes.

Problem we solve

Massive information and experience asymmetries place consumers at a distinct disadvantage

The dual citizenship industry dominated by country-specific, mostly solo practitioner law firms.

Complete lack of pricing transparency
Aversion to technology-based solutions
Little-to-zero accountability due to lack of U.S. presence

The smartest global mobility decisions are made using Global RCG.

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How Do I verify what i read on the internet when the majority seems superficial or provides opposing viewpoints?

Ask yourself:

“If I can’t verify the information, how can I fully trust it?”


The true cost of mistakes on your citizenship application


Foreign laws
and regulations:

Ask yourself:

“How can I stay on top of thelatest local  developments?”