American and Canadian families obtain dual citizenship and residency rights in the countries of their choice.

Earn, invest or qualify for residency privileges based on your:

Real estate, investment funds, early stage VC, public equities

Ancestry-based citizenship, passive income-based, professional background

Digital nomad visas range from 12 months up to 24 months


Key Benefits

We help U.S. and Canada-based individuals and families achieve objectives that have become critically important in the post-pandemic era

Hedge risks associated with over-dependence
on a single nationality

Improve the quality of retirement by living overseas

Reconnect with ancestral ties in Europe

Access opportunity and freedom

A global platform of mobility
asset-based solutions for consumers and businesses

Earn or acquire citizenship and residency rights with Global RCG

Proprietary Solutions

Who We Are

Our members are pursuing one
(or more) of the following three objectives:

“I want to move abroad
in next 12-18 months”
“I’m looking for a Plan B
(and maybe a Plan C)”
“I’d love to reconnect with my European
ancestral roots”

Our end-to-end application services are built to solve the following three global mobility objectives

Ancecstry Programs
Based on direct ancestral ties to Europe
Residency Backup
Plan Programs
Based on passive investment real estate or donations to local guide governments
Live & Work
Abroad Programs
Based on entrepreneurial ambitions, professional background financial wherewithal

We’re building three solutions-based citizenship and
residency service offerings:

Gain EU citizenship through
European ancestral ties

Escape hatch to hedge dependence on U.S. passport through passive foreign investment

The ultimate Plan B
for multi-generational families

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Your eligibility for ancestry-based citizenship will be determined within 48 hours by our internal genealogy team.

Receive a complimentary assessment report summarizing our results.
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Mobility asset-backed solutions tailor made for American and Canadian families

We connect founders, retirees, investors, and remote employees with a robust array of residency and citizenship solutions

The smartest global mobility decisions are made using Global RCG.

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“Residency insurance”

Based on passive investments in real estate or
donations to local governments

Costa Rica
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Cayman Islands
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The ultimate “Plan B” guarantees access to one of the safest, happiest countries in the world

Free Eligibly Assessment for
SUV Canada program

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