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With Global RCG, we’ll make sure that you navigate the world of dual citizenship armed with proven best practices and the wisdom and tactics of your peers.

On-demand access to the EU

The first pan-European platform for ancestry-based citizenship programs

Unlock the power of ancestry-based citizenship and secure a legacy that will benefit your family for generation to come.

Reclaim your history through European citizenship

9-24 months

The average adjudication time for European citizenship by descent ranges from nine months to 2+ years.


The market value of EU citizenship currently
trades at €3 million (e.g. Austria).

27 countries

EU citizenship provides you the right to live, work,
study and retire in any of the countries that form
part of the European Union.

Life in the EU

Europe. At your fingertips

An all-in-one digital platform that delivers EU citizenship rights.

EU wide access for life

Enjoy the privileges of EU citizenship.

One country at a time

We operate ten country-specific citizenship by descent programs across the European Union.

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Lou Reynolds

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Lou Reynolds’s great-great-grandfather was Italian, allowing him, a century and a half later, to become an Italian too.

Determine your eligibility for EU citizenship by descent based on current program guidelines

Retrieve, legalize and translate the required documents to prove eligibility

Prepare application and review by local counsel

Monitor program to ensure you remain in compliance with guidelines

Dual citizenship delivers a lifetime of dividends
that will last for generations to come

Enjoy the freedom to live, work or retire anywhere in the European Union.
Gain access to select investment opportunities U.S. citizens are restricted from
Pave the way for guaranteed access to future professional and academic opportunities for your children.
Protect your family’s exposure to sudden, unwanted changes in local conditions.

Tate Worswick

MD, Ancestry

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“I love Global RCG. Their mission, their professionalism and thoughtfulness. All top notch. Highly recommended.”

Marty C.

Chicago, IL

“We would like to express our thanks for the work you have done for us. We are thankful for the attention and the service Global RCG provides"

Lauren R.

New York City, NY

“Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what I've always felt from the folks at Global RCG. Highly recommend"

Matt M.

Orlando, FL

“I am absolutely delighted with your service. It is really refreshing to work with my EU citizenship adviser who is truly interested in my needs and special circumstances.

Belinda R.

Pittsburgh, PA

This is exactly the type of service I have been looking for!

Chris K.

Hong Kong

I have no doubt in recommending Global RCG to any of my friends and family.”

Gwen M.

Toronto, Canada


Ability to pass to
future generations

Citizenship by descent literally pays dividends for generations
to come.


Strong ROI

Citizenship by descent programs do not require its applicants
to physically reside in the country of their ancestors.


Lack of physical presence requirements

Citizenship by descent programs do not require its
applicants to physically reside in the country of their ancestors.

EU citizenship made simple

Eliminate frustration, uncertainty and high fees

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Because when you can live anywhere,
at any time…

Your future is boundless

Because when you can live anywhere,
at any time…

Your future is boundless