Portugal's Golden Opportunity, One Click Away

Protect your digital assets with mobility assets

EUR 1 million in Portugal financial institution.

Deposit €1 million in private banking account under your name. Secure fixed rate margin loan, and buy BTC.

Earn golden visa. Provided min. balance of €1 MM kept  for duration, earn EU citizenship.

Hedge your U.S. residency exposure by purchasing BTC and earn you and your family guaranteed access to Portugal

“The New California”

Californians view Portugal  as the newest manifestation of the Golden State.

Safest in the EU

Voted in the top 10 safest countries in the world.

Pro crypto environment

Portugal is considered one of the more favorable countries in Europe for cryptocurrency investors.


Growth in U.S. citizens
in last ten years.

Key Benefits

Buy BTC and earn EU citizenship

No visitation requirement whatsoever

Flexibility re real estate asset

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