Why Now

Relying solely on a single passport could place your family at risk

Subheading one

Limit opportunity

Subheading two

Restrictions freedoms

Subheading two

Safety & security


Who We Are

Our members are pursuing one
(or more) of the following three objectives:

“I want to move abroad in next 12-18 months”
“I’m looking for a Plan B (and maybe a Plan C)”
“I’d love to reconnect
with my European
ancestral roots”

A U.S.-based dual citizenship and residency mobility advisor built to help
globally-minded individuals and companies enjoy unfettered access to the countries of their choice

Long heading is what you see here in this feature section

Long heading is what you see here in this feature section

Long heading is what you see here in this feature section

Mobility asset-backed solutions tailor made for American and Canadian families

We connect founders, retirees, investors, and remote employees with a robust array of residency and citizenship solutions

The Global Residency
& Citizenship Group

Gain EU citizenship through
European ancestral ties

Escape hatch to hedge dependence on U.S. passport through passive foreign investment

The ultimate Plan B
for multi-generational families

Are you interested in alternate residency and citizenship

Learn how to unlock the freedom to live and work where you see fit


Key Benefits

We help U.S. and Canada-based individuals and families achieve objectives that have become critically important in the post-pandemic era

Hedge risks associated with
over-dependence on a single nationality

Improve the quality of retirement by living overseas

Reconnect with ancestral ties in Europe

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