We make it fast, easy, and affordable to gain international residency privileges

The Global Residency & Citizenship Group is the first U.S.-based technology company focused on building international residency solutions for North America-based consumers.

When trust crumbles, mobility reigns

Owning a 2nd passport or alternate residence card acts as valuable insurance on your future

Acquiring these liberating "mobility assets" now locks in options that provide financial and personal security, no matter how conditions shift at home.

your wealth

Serves as an effective hedge against broader geopolitical and systemic financial risks.

your wealth

Gain access to wider source of lucrative investment opportunities globally.

When trust crumbles, mobility reigns

The Mobility Asset Stack

Powered by four types of mobility assets, Global RCG enables  U.S. consumers to easily obtain international residency rights in over 40 countries outside the United States

For us, by us

Unlock the power and potential of mobility assets

What do we do?

We make mobility assets accessible to all. By fusing the worlds of technology and international immigration, we help consumers earn (or acquire) the right to live in 30 of the most desired destinations outside the United States.

Why do we do it?

Our journey began as a token of immense appreciation for the countless opportunities the U.S. has offered. The driving force behind Global RCG is our belief in the significant, positive change we can bring. The urgency? It's evident in the world around us – the time for expanded global mobility and freedom is now!

How do we do it?

By harnessing automation and blending peer insights with expertise from local specialists, we’re not only cutting down costs significantly but also are completing citizenship applications in a fraction of the time.

Why does it matter?

True freedom lies in the ability to choose where to live, shaping one's destiny and ensuring personal well-being. At Global RCG, we believe that enabling this freedom isn't just an option; it's essential for the spirit of autonomy and self-determination.

Who do we do it for?

Global RCG is crafted with a keen focus on the U.S. consumer market. This focus stems from our deep understanding of American needs and aspirations, honed by our own experiences and identities. We're here for the American dreamers, the seekers of dual citizenship and international experiences, because we believe you deserve these opportunities the most.

What is the impact?

Quantifying the impact of Global RCG might be challenging, but at its heart, it's about offering a counterbalance to the unchecked power of states. It's about providing each individual the peace of mind and the liberty to define their own path, in their own chosen place.

Earn residency and citizenship privileges in the world’s most sought-after destinations

We match you to the best-suited solutions tailored to your background:

Easy, reliable and transparent

We help Americans explore,
apply and maintain dual citizenship and residency privileges in thriving destinations outside the United States

Our digital platform, GlobalPassport, streamlines the application process, eliminates inefficiencies and reduces the overall cost.

Mobility assets rise in value during times
when trusting traditional institutions declines

Incorporating these assets into your portfolio can bolster your financial and personal well-being,
providing a safeguard against sudden shifts in the U.S. domestic landscape.

your wealth

Serves a valuable role as a hedge against broader geopolitical and systemic financial risks.

your wealth

Enables access to new investment opportunities and structures around the world.


International Residency Privileges Offer Distinct Advantages in Today's World

Secure a Peaceful Retreat from Global Instability

Safeguard your lifestyle against unforeseen global shifts with the stability and peace of mind EU citizenship provides.

Quality of life

Enriched exposure from new cultures, cuisine and languages.


Diversify exposure to USD-only assets.

Access new

Unlock new realms of investment in property and crypto previously beyond reach for U.S. citizens through alternate residency and dual citizenship rights.


Working abroad exposes you to innovative business approaches, broadening your professional horizons.

Reduce cost
of living

Healthcare and housing costs, in particular.

Built to serve the mobility needs of North America-based consumers

For Us, By Us
As a firm founded and run by first generation U.S. immigrants, we understand, at a visceral level, the value of mobility rights.
Peer-based, shared goals mobility solutions
By building peer-based communities with shared international mobility objectives,  our tech-enabled services deliver scalable application services optimized for speed, efficiency and reliability.
As U.S immigrants we viscerally understand how tightly-linked residency privileges are to freedom and opportunity.

For us, by us

On a mission to help one million Americans gain dual citizenship and international residency rights by 2030

We’re building an all-in-one digital platform that makes it fast, easy, and affordable to obtain dual citizenship or residency in top international destinations.

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First ancestry-based
EU citizenship

and led

Built to accelerate dual citizenship and residency adoption

Based in Miami, the “Capital of Capital”

Our value proposition represents a paradigm change versus existing offerings in the market today




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