Our Mission

A record-breaking number of Americans are eager to live abroad, yet very few of us get the opportunity to do so

53.6 Million
Record Numbers of Americans Want to Leave the U.S.
4.8 Million
2020 Overseas Citizen Population Analysis Report

Sources: According to Gallup poll, more than 50 million U.S, citizens desire to move abroad permanently. 2020 Overseas Citizen Population Analysis Report.

Our Mission

Why should the United States rank 151st in the world?

Top Global Diasporas
(on a per capita basis)

We rank 151st  in global diasporas rankings!

Source:  Statista:  Share of the native-born population living abroad.

The syatus Quo is Broken

The global immigration industry burdens American consumers with opaque and archaic requirements and procedures, while charging them excessive fees for the privilege!

Features, not bugs, of a broken system


Navigating the maze od document retrieval and preparation.

Analog Anchors

Over dependence on outdated, manual processes.

Multi-Party Mayhem

Juggling coordination across various entities.

Steep learning curve

Lack of prior experience.

Political Whirlwinds

Adapting to ever-shifting, locally-influenced guidelines.

Inspired, in part, by forward-thinking entrepreneurs like these, we launched the company in 2011 in the throes of the global pandemic

Our mission is to democratize access to residency and citizenship privileges in the most vibrant countries on the planet

Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential

Reason #1

The application process is confusing, time-consuming, and expensive.

Reason #2

Web research too often feels like solving riddles buried inside mysterious enigmas

Existing Web Content

Reason #3

The dual citizenship industry dominated by country-specific, mostly solo practitioner law firms

Massive information and experience asymmetries place American consumers at a distinct disadvantage.

Complete lack of pricing transparency
Aversion to technology-based solutions
Information and experience asymmetries place North America-based consumers at a massive disadvantage
Reason #4

The global residency and citizenship industry lacks transparency, shuns innovation and has no incentive to change


The likelihood of being over-charged by foreign vendors is high

Places North American consumers at a distinct disadvantage.


Hourly billing model incentives time-consuming delays

Lack of cost certainty is a serious issue


Pricing is not transparency and somewhat arbitrary

Especially problematic given the high stakes.

American consumers have struggled long enough

Why should we make these types of major life-changing decisions while fighting an uphill battle to get the facts?

Eliminate your dependency on a single passport.

While wealth and capital flow freely across borders, why should personal mobility continue to be dependent on nationality?

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