Mobility Assets: A New Asset Class for the 2020’s and beyond

Discover the ideal mobility asset solution that grants you and your family the freedom to live abroad with dual citizenship and residency rights. Take our free, comprehensive 360° Global Mobility Diagnostic below to find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

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The DIY approach is much more challenging than most ever expect


Confusing (due to complete lack of experience)

Stressful (due to the stakes)

Hiring a foreign law firm brings its own set of troublesome issues

Expensive due to lack of pricing transparency

Stubborn reliance on on analog processes leads to slow, inefficient service model

Unaccountable (due to lack of U.S. presence)

A must-have asset class in today’s environment

Mobility Asset Planning

Fast, personalized residency and citizenship solutions at a remarkable price




Fraction of the cost of foreign attorneys


Full range of residency and citizenship programs


Always on access through secure portal




Fraction of the cost of foreign attorneys


Full range of residency and citizenship programs


Always on access through secure portal

Does relying solely on a single passport still make sense?

Mobility assets provide timely, practical benefits to forward-thinking families

Enhance quality of life

Hedge single country residency risk

Wealth diversification& protection

Reduce cost of living

"I was born in 1952 and have been waiting a long time to claim my Slovak citizenship.I joined the Slovak Tribe in late July and I'm already ready to file my case. Now I'd like my daugther and my grandson to apply as well!"

Mike Reichfeld

Trenton, New Jersey

End-to-end solutions

The Mobility Asset Stack

The mobility asset stack consists of
four types of mobility assets.

Navigating Your Journey to Global Citizenship

Mobility Asset Planning

Experience our four-stage process designed to identify and secure the optimal citizenship and residency program for your unique international aspirations.

Step 1


Understand your background and Identify your key requirements and personal preferences.

Step 2


Match you to your ideal international residency solution.

Step 3


Automate the retrieval and processing of vital records.

Step 4

Prep Stage

Legal review

Stage 3

Documents Stage

Centralize, standardize and automate the entire vital records
and key document s preparation process.

VR Identification

Review personalized checklist of documents required to successfully apply.

VR Gathering

Upload documents in you and your family’s possession for review by RCG citizenship analysts.

VR Retrieval

Retrieve certified copies of missing documents,, at home and back in your AA’s home country.

VR Apostilization

On-demand and efficient legalization of required documents.

VR Translations

Online translations of your entire vital records completed efficiently.

Stage 4

Application Stage

Manage the entire application from a centralized, online portal that’s easy to access and always on. Coordinate more easily with family members and outside advisors and service providers.

Automated retrieval of vital records

Pre-populate required state and federal forms automatically.

Online document storage

Access your sensitive information securely.

Progress dashboard

Gain instant visibility to your case progress.

Application form preparation

Eliminate redundant data entry by automatic retrieval of information.

Local legal review

Highly-vetted immigration attorneys review and submit your petition.

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