Our global platform is powered by the full mobility asset stack

The ultimate mobility asset.  Provides lifetime privileges including the right to vote.
Permanent Residency
The ultimate mobility asset.  Provides lifetime privileges including the right to vote.
Digital Nomad Visas
Enables remote work for both companies and employees to occur in fully compliant fashion.
Highly recommended first step on the journey towards freedom of movement.

"Mobility assets" i.e citizenship and residency rights power GlobalPassport’s software-based mobility solutions help our members achieve one of the following goals

Ancestry-based citizenshp

European Ancestry Programs

Designed for forward-thinking Americans who want to reconnect with their European origins.

Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Residency BackupPlan Programs

Designed for passive investors who are eager to reduce their dependence on a single passport.

Independent means visas

Live & Work Abroad Programs

Designed for retirees and empty nesters eager to improve their quality of life and reduce their cost of living.


International Residency Privileges Offer Distinct Advantages in Today's World

Secure a Peaceful Retreat from Global Instability

Safeguard your lifestyle against unforeseen global shifts with the stability and peace of mind EU citizenship provides.

Embrace Cultural Richness for a Fuller Life

Immerse yourself in the diverse tapestry of European cultures, languages, and culinary delights, enriching your life experience.

Fortify Your Financial Future with Diverse Assets

Preserve and grow your wealth with access to a broader range of investment options not limited to USD or CAD currencies.

Unlock Exclusive
Investment Frontiers

Discover lucrative property and cryptocurrency investments that are exclusive to EU citizens, expanding your portfolio beyond borders.

Expand Your
Career Horizons

Accelerate your career with global assignments and exposure to cutting-edge business practices and cross-cultural professional environments.

Smart Savings on Essential Living Expenses

Enjoy significant savings on healthcare and housing, reducing your cost of living while maintaining a high quality of life.

Mobility Assets 101

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Mobility Asset Stack

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Passive Income

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Digital Nomad Visa

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“The folks at the Slovak Citizenship Council have been so helpful. I lost count on the number of ways they’ve helped me complete this application, couldn’t have done it without them!”

Rebecca Gormish

Chicago, IL

The Hungarian language course included in my membership was tailor-made for me, turning an intimidating language exam into an achievable goal. Thanks to this focused 60-day program, I'm not just learning; I'm preparing to succeed!"

Jeff Klasko

Boston, MA

Global RCG was the guiding light on my journey to a Spanish passport. The 'La Ley de Nietos' legislation was a maze, but their expertise showed me I was indeed eligible. I'm beyond grateful for their support and the new doors they've opened for me!

Alez Arriaga

Washigton, DC