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Hungarian Citizenship
Via Ancestry

Program Overview

Three types of eligibility

Path #1

By Birth

Path #2

By Descent

Path #3

Citizenship via Naturalization

Benefits of Hungarian
Dual Citizenship

A Hungarian Passport gives you immediate access to travel to any of the Schengen nations, as well as many other countries visa-free as the total number of nations that Hungarians can travel to without a visa is 180+, ranking the Hungarian Passport amongst the strongest in the world.

Since every Citizen of Hungary is also a Citizen of the EU, you will have the uninterrupted right to live and work in any member state of the EU and EFTA. Additionally, you will also have access to the Hungarian healthcare system which is supported by taxes and the Nemzeti Egészségbiztostási Alapkezel (NAEK), the nation's national health insurance fund, making most medical services in Hungary completely free.

Who is Eligible to Apply

The main point of the simplified naturalization procedure is that in order to acquire Hungarian citizenship, the law does not require the Applicant to live in Hungary habitually, for a longer period of time, and the Applicant does not have to prove that his/her livelihood is ensured in Hungary. For Hungarian citizenship by descent, he/she does not need to have employment or a bank account, he/she only has to meet the conditions listed below:

A non-Hungarian citizen may acquire Hungarian citizenship:

  • whose ancestor was a Hungarian citizen, or
  • who can demonstrate his/her Hungarian origin, and
  • who proves his/her knowledge of the Hungarian language, furthermore
  • who has no criminal record under Hungarian law and no criminal proceedings are pending against him/her before a Hungarian court when examining the application, as well as
  • whose naturalization does not violate the public security and national security of Hungary

Free Hungarian Citizenship
Eligibly Assessment

Vital Records Requirements

The application for citizenship, stemming from Hungarian citizenship by descent, must be submitted on a form containing detailed information of the Applicant:

  • surname and forename of birth, married surname and forename, previous married surname and forename, place and date of birth, Mother’s surname and forename of birth, gender;
  • data on marital status, place and date of current and previous marriage, name of spouse or former spouse, place and date of birth, citizenship, data on Hungarian origin;
  • name, place and date of birth, citizenship, data on their residence in Hungary of the spouse or former spouse’s parents;
  • ancestor’s name, place and date of birth, place and date of marriage of ancestors, data on their citizenship and residence;
  • name, place and date of birth of the child, name and citizenship of the other parent of the child;
  • name, place and date of birth of sibling;
  • data on the place of residence, former residence in Hungary;
  • data on citizenship, data of the Applicant’s departure abroad;
  • data on education, occupation, job;
  • contact details for contacting the body dealing with citizenship issues and the Minister;
  • handwritten resume.

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What proof do you need?

To prove that you are a descendant of immigrants who left Hungary or that either one of your parents is of Hungarian ancestry, documentation from the Hungarian archives showing birth records and/or Hungarian nationality will be required.

Is there a language requirement?

The applicant must meet the language proficiency criteria for communication in order to qualify for Hungarian citizenship through simplified naturalization (minimum basic level). When applying, the officer receiving the application verifies that the applicant has the necessary degree of Hungarian language proficiency.

Does Global RCG provide assistance for the language and culture tests?

Global RCG offers guidance and assistance in preparation for these exams.

Do kids have to take the Language Exam?

All Applicants who have reached the age of 14 or who will reach the age of 14 by the expected date of the oath are obliged to prove their knowledge of the Hungarian language.

How long do the Simplified Naturalization applications take to get processed?

While the President of the Republic is supposed to process the applications within 3 months, decisions are often made 6 to 8 months after the application is received.

Does Hungary allow dual Citizenships?

The Hungarian law permits multiple citizenships, so you don’t have to renounce your other citizenships.

Whats is the Oath of Allegiance?

At the end of the Naturalization process, Hungarian citizens are asked to take the Oath of allegiance.
The Oath of allegiance in English:
“I swear that I regard Hungary as my country. I will be a faithful citizen of the Republic of Hungary. I will respect and obey the Constitution and laws of this country. I defend my country to the utmost of my strength, I serve it to the best of my abilities. So help me God.”

Can I include my children?

Yes! You can include children up to 18yrs old. To file jointly with you, your children must be minors (under the age of 18). However, separate applications are necessary for children who are adults (i.e., 18 years of age or above). Therefore, we advise that your kids submit their applications after your citizenship has been accepted. Simplified naturalization still applies to the procedures for your minor and adult children.

Are there any residency requirements?

Under citizenship through "verification of citizenship" or "simplified naturalization," there are no residency restrictions. However, you will need a Hungarian address if you wish to participate in Hungary's public healthcare and education systems, which you will need to either rent or buy a home for this.

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