In 2021, Global RCG started a movement towards democratizing access to dual citizenship and international residency rights

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We design software-based application solutions for U.S.-based communities based on their alternate citizenship and international residency needs

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We are on a mission to democratize residency and citizenship rigths inthe world's most desirable destinations

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Global RCG designs dual citizenship and residency solutions to help U.S.based founders, investors and retirees reach their international mobility aspirations

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four transformative waves

The United States is facing major changes that will have a lasting impact. Our solutions help Americans adapt to these changes and thrive.

Transformative Wave #1

The United States is experienced unprecedented levels of instability

As U.S. instability levels increase over time, the risk of rapid deterioration in local living conditions increases.

A new age

Dramatic shifts in economic,
political and social conditions

The 2020’s and beyond will be unlike any other time in U.S. history

Banking crises

Based on your verifiable ancestral ties to Europe, earn the right to live, work or retire in the EU and thus enhance your quality of life.

Political upheaval

Residency safety valves are desperately needed by the U.S.-based crypto sector.

Social change

The United States’ closest ally is also a top two destination for most Americans (after Mexico)

Transformative Wave #2

The rise of digital nomads

A growing desire for a more flexible and location-independent lifestyle is fueling the rise of digital nomadism around the world.

A new age

The rise of Work from Anywhere is inexorable

The increasing availability of remote work opportunities is driving an increase in the number of digital nomads, as more people embrace the freedom and flexibility of this lifestyle.

Flexible and location-independent lifestyle

Many Americans are tired of the traditional9-to-5 grind and want to have more freedom to work from anywhere in the world

Opportunity to travel and experience new cultures

Digital nomads can travel to different countries and experience new cultures while they work. This can be a great way to learn about different parts of the world and to meet new people

Save money on
living expenses

The cost of living in many countries is much lower than in the United States. This can help digital nomads to save money and to build their
financial freedom.

Transformative Wave #3

U.S. crypto sector under attack

The headwinds faced by the domestic crypto industry, write large, is likely to force most of it to relocate offshore.

A new age

Dual citizenship and alternate residency rights are highly synergistic with digital assets


Having multiple citizenships or residencies can allow you to live in a country with lower taxes
on digital assets.
E.g., Portugal has a low cost of living and no capital gains tax on digital assets.


Multiple countries enjoy favorable regulations for digital assets than others.
E.g., Switzerland has a long history of financial privacy and is a popular destination for digital
asset investors.

Access to markets

Mobility asset ownership enables access to new digital asset markets.
E.g., If a U.S. citizen obtains residency in Portugal, you will be able to trade digital assets on EU exchanges enabling access to a wider range of trading opportunities.

Transformative Wave #4

Massive popularity in the U.S. for genealogy services

By 2025, 20% of adults (1) in the United States will be involved in genealogy. It helps us connect with our past by learn more about our ancestors, thus helping us understand our own identity and heritage.

A new age

Genealogy’s popularity is rising rapidly primarily due to these three drivers

A sense of belonging

When researching their family history, many people experience a sense of connection to their ancestors and heritage. This is especially true for those who have immigrated to the United States or who are members of minority groups

A sense of discovery

It’s a rewarding and enjoyable activity that allows you to make fresh discoveries, about your ancestors, such as where they lived, what they did for a career, and who they were

A sense of identity

Genealogy can help people understand their own identity and learn more about the values and traditions of their family. This is particularly crucial for those attempting to find their place in the world.

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Our mission is to help decentralize residency and citizenship rights from the sole control of government institutions into the hands of individuals and their families

By reducing the friction placed on the free movement of human capital, we aim to democratize the ability to live and work remotely anywhere in the world

Freedom to move

Global RCG creates products and services that help founders, investors and retirees to gain international residency and citizenship rights outside the United States.

Gain access to the following attractive destinations around the world:

  • European Union: Gain EU citizenship through citizenship by descent program in European countries.

  • Crypto Capitals: Gain access to crypto-friendly “Bitopias” descent programs in European countries.

  • Canada: Gain PR on approval and citizenship within 3 years.

European Union

Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia
and five other EU programs

Crypto Capitals

El Salvador, Montenegro, Cayman Islands, Singapore and the UAE


Vancouver, Toronto
and Montreal





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