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Standard Solution
U.S. Consulates



The Status Quo

Italian-Americans face two equally
challenging options:

Take first available appointment (2027 or later)

Fail to get appointment

Finding it impossible to schedule your appointment at your local Italian consulate?

Four legal pathways to Italian

citizenship by descent:

Path #1

Apply from
U.S. consulate

Path #2


Path #3


Path #4

from Italy

No Consulate Appointments, No Waits, No Lines!

Obtain Your Citizenship
in 4 months

Introducing Global RCG's ‘Apply From Italy’ solution:

Reclaim your heritage with the fastest path to Italian Citizenship by Descent.

Apply from Italy

Establish long-term residency in Italy in reduced time frame and apply directly from Italy instead

Avoid the U.S. consular appointment issues altogether

Choose from 1 week or 1 month options

Four unique advantages

Tailored to Your Success

Meet the specific 
needs of local Clerks at various communes.

Minimal Time Commitment

Streamlined processto as little as 10 days!


Work towards your Italian citizenship while on vacation


Choose the best time for your
Italian citizenship journey.

Lou Reynolds

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Lou Reynolds’s great-great-grandfather was Italian, allowing him, a century and a half later, to become an Italian too.

Free Italian Citizenship
Eligibility Assessment


An all-inclusive citizenship application service that offers end-to-end support at a fixed
affordable price backed by money-back guarantee

Apply from Italy Packages

The One-Month Vacation Option

Up to 30 days


The Long Layover Option

7 to 10 days


Take Free Eligibility Test

We build cohorts of qualified applicants pursuing citizenship by descent in nine European countries

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What's included?

Establish Italian residency in just 3 weeks

Submit you citizenship application

Obtain Italian citizenship within
3 months

We take care of everything:

Preliminary citizenship application evaluation by Italian Clerk

Acquisition of all vital records and ancillary documentation

Full legal review of all documents and application

Full assistance in acquisition of Residency Permits in Italy

Lease agreement in the name of the applicant, registered for one year and valid until the end of the process

Use of Luxury 1-2 bedroom apartment in Italy for duration of stay

Maintenance of registered residence for as long as necessary, covering state taxes, even without  the physical presence of the subject

Requisite health Insurance in Italy

Submission of citizenship application at Local Italian Comune

Acquisition of Italian Citizenship