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The Network State 1st Annual Conference

The two co-founders of Global RCG were in the front row (literally) to experience the Network State’s first-ever conference, held in Amsterdam on October 29th, 2023.

One of the most influential voices today believes strongly in the power of mobility assets

Not surprisingly,
many influential thinkers agree with Balaji

“If you want to live in the future, live in the freest place around. Because eventually, all of the innovators and creators will show up there.”

Naval Ravikant, Angelist

“Should one be a slave to the coincidence of being born in one place for the rest of their life?”

Silver Keskkula, Teleport

“Mobility should be the cardinal human right of the 21st century.  Yet this aspiration increasingly rubs against the inertia of sovereignty in a world with more borders than ever before.”

Parag Khanna, Climate Alpha

Nation States, Social Networks and Network States: Representative ARPUs

Note: As of 2022, the representative impact of various types of networks can be mapped in terms of their total popularity versus their relative economic impact

Source:  Statista: Share of the native-born population living abroad.

Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Exit

The Balaji Index:

Measures a country’s emigration policy.