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1% of U.S. population lives outside
of the United States

Here’s where they live

U.S. Emigrant Population

By Destination Country (2020)

Migrants from country (emigrants)

The World's Biggest Diasporas
Per Capita Basis

Source:  Statista: Share of the native-born population living abroad.

India has the World’s Biggest Diaspora

Top countries of origin for international migrants in 2000 and in 2020* (in millions)

Source:  Statista: Share of the native-born population living abroad.

The Americans are Coming!

The number of Americans living in Europe increased substantially over the last decade:

Portugal: 10,000 (200% growth)

Spain: 34,000 (70% growth)

Netherlands: 24,000 (55% growth)

Source: The Economist

Top 20 Countries: Immigrants & Emigrants
(2022 League Tables)

Nº of Emigrants (in millions)

Nº of Immigrants (in millions)

Source: UN DESA, 2021

Top 10 Countries (2022)

3,500,000 Americans
live abroad

Source: Independent studies from Federal Voting Assistance Program; American Citizens Abroad; Migration Policy Institute and United Nations.  U.S. population = 334,233,854

The number of passports issued to U.S. citizens has soared in recent decades

U.S. Passport per 100 Americans

The percentage of countries that allow dual citizenship has 2x in the last 25 years

The United States of America is a Nation of Immigrants

Out of Every 100 Americans

Where it is not allowed?

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Dual citizenship is:


Allowed with exceptions

Not allowed