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A good passport is essential in today's world. Think about all of the amazing places you could visit with a world-class passport. The world is waiting for you, and a good passport is a key to unlocking its doors. Whether you're looking to explore new cultures or just take in some breathtaking scenery, a strong and powerful passport is essential. Here's why having a powerful passport is so important and what you can do to make sure yours is up to snuff.If you're looking for the ideal passport, then keep reading. We'll mention the most powerful passports in the world below as defined by the RCG Global Passport Index!

RCG Global Passport Index

How Does the Index Work?It weights passport quality based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Visa-free count – countries accessible without requiring a visa
  • Authorized length of stay per destination
  • Passport popularity

It also gives each passport a market value.So to get started…

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in The World

#1 – Ireland passport - valued $568,000

Ireland offers the world's highest quality passport. And like all top 10 options, it allows dual citizenship.An Irish passport allows visa-free access to 186 jurisdictions, including the US and EU. After Brexit, it's the only country that retained freedom of movement in both the EU and the UK.Many Americans qualify for Irish citizenship by ancestry. You can also obtain citizenship after 5 years with a residence program such as the Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme.With that, it isn't the most mobile on our list. That honor goes to the 2nd and 3rd best passports.

#2 – Finland passport - valued $558,000

Finland is a country far away from political and social turmoil, making it perfect as a second passport option.Its passport allows EU and US access. And while English isn't an official language, most of its population is educated enough to speak it properly.Finland's passport allows visa-free access to 190 destinations, ranking it second in that category. As for the highest visa-free access passport…

#3 – Germany passport - valued $558,000

Germany's passport allows access to 191 countries visa-free. Those include the EU and US.However, the country doesn't allow "easy" dual citizenship. If an immigrant wants German citizenship, then they must renounce their original one.With that, the German passport is still one of the best to hold. It offers access to Germany (one of the world's biggest economies), and the EU as a whole.One of the most sought-after paths to European residency is by using the German EU Blue card, which can prove permanent residency in as little as 21 months.

#4 – Sweden passport - valued $558,000

Swedish passports allow visa-free access to 189 countries – EU and US included. Dual citizenship is also allowed.Sweden is one of Europe's most liberal and socially diverse countries. If you seek to immigrate there, this is for you.

Italy Passport | Best European Passports in The World

#5 – Italy passport - valued $558,000

Italian passports allow visa-free access to 190 countries – EU and US included.After five years of permanent residence, you may get Italian citizenship. You can also hold dual citizenship there.Many Americans with Italian ancestry are using the Italy citizenship by descent option to gain this world-class passport.

#6 – Denmark passport - valued $558,000

Denmark's passport offers visa-free access to 190 countries – EU and US included.Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the world's happiest countries, and one of the best in life quality.Thus, a Danish passport doesn't just offer mobility. It provides an excellent society for investors or workers seeking a new home.

#7 – France passport - valued $558,000

French passports allow access to 188 countries visa-free.Another of the world's biggest economies, consider France a bridge to Europe's two largest economies, Germany and the UK.Residency in France equates to residency in the heart of the EU. Plus, you get a passport that allows easy travel for tourism and business!

#8 – Switzerland passport - valued $558,000

Swiss passports allow access to 188 countries visa-free.Swiss passports are reputable as banking and investment passports. Being a neutral country, Switzerland is perfect for high-income expats seeking a good life quality.It's in the heart of Europe, making it safe and allowing its resident's easy access to all the EU. Plus, its prestigious passport allows easy access to the US.Dual citizenship is allowed in Switzerland.

Best European Passports in The World

#9 – Luxembourg passport - valued $558,000

Luxembourg is not a well-known passport in Europe. It's a small state whose passport allows access to 189 countries visa-free.Per capita, Luxembourg is the richest country in the EU. It comes with excellent living standards and good security – being bordered by both Belgium and France.For EU-loving expats, Luxembourg and Switzerland prove to be excellent options for a second passport.

#10 – Greece passport - valued $558,000

Last, on our list, a Greek passport allows access to 187 countries visa-free.Greece is located closer to Eastern Europe and Asia than its EU competitors. This makes its passport worthwhile to use with little travel time.Plus, Greece offers a decent quality of life and is one of Europe's most affordable countries. Thousands already apply to the Greece Golden Visa to live in Greece. The country also provides citizenship to those of Greek descent.


As you'll notice, all countries on the list belong to the EU – and all these European Passports offer access to the US (visa-free) and EU (freedom of movement).Europe has always been the favored destination of wealthy American retirees. As the saying goes: "the US is the best place to make a fortune, but Europe is the best place to spend it".If a good passport with mobility and economic access is what you seek, then the above options are for you! Reach out to Global RCG, and our Mobility Experts will help you get a second passport.

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