10 of the Best Places To Live Abroad

There is something about packing up your belongings and relocating to a new nation that is so daring and exhilarating. If you have been feeling restless and want to travel, you may want to consider moving abroad.

Are there a lot of Americans living abroad?

The economic impact of Americans leaving their homes and moving abroad is huge. It’s more than you probably imagine, according to the U.S. department, which counts over 9 million people retiring abroad! That is a population comparable to New York City or Los Angeles combined--and all because they want better opportunities elsewhere.

Why do so many Americans decide to live and work abroad?

The experts say that in order to be financially secure, you need a million dollars saved upon retirement. But now the number is supposed to be three times as much! $3M? This could be the very reason why many Americans choose to live and work abroad to maintain their retirement nest egg.

Why is this option not popularly known?

There are many reasons why living overseas in retirement is not a well-known option. For one, it can be a big decision to make, and many people are not comfortable with the idea of retiring abroad. Additionally, there is often a lot of paperwork and logistics involved in living abroad, which can be daunting for many people. Finally, living abroad usually requires at least some level of proficiency in a foreign language, which can be a barrier for many people. Despite all of these challenges, however, living abroad can be a rewarding experience. It can provide an opportunity to live in a new and exciting culture, learn a new language, make new friends and save lots of money! For those who are willing to take on the challenges, living abroad can be a great way to enjoy a life that is full of adventure.

There are many reasons why people decide to become expatriates. For some, it’s about living better for less, while others may be attracted by the freedom and adventure that comes with moving abroad.

If you're on the fence about making the jump, here are ten reasons that might just convince you to take the plunge!

1. Secure your retirement savings

Research from Boston College's Center for Retirement Research suggests that half of all working households may not be able to maintain their current quality of life once they stop working. Living abroad might help you stretch your dollar while keeping your savings intact or even increasing them.

2. Improved Quality of Life

More and more people are choosing to live abroad, and it's easy to see why. Not only can you save a lot of money, but you can also have a richer, more fulfilling experience. Here is an example: a couple can live very happily in a foreign country for less than $2,000 per month, while a single person can do quite well in a lovely tropical country in the Far East for about $800 per month. This is a great way to see the world and experience new cultures. And it's also a great way to save money. So if you're looking for an exciting and affordable way to live, consider living abroad. You'll be glad you did.

3. Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in the United States is one of the highest in the world. This is especially true for retirees, who often have a fixed income. Many Americans are retiring abroad in order to stretch their savings. In general, living costs are lower in other countries, and retirees can often find places to live overseas where their Social Security checks go further. Additionally, retirees may be able to take advantage of special programs that allow them to live in certain countries at a reduced cost. For example, the Retiree Volunteer Program allows Americans to live and volunteer in Costa Rica for three months at a time with all expenses covered. Living abroad in retirement can be a great way for American retirees to save money and enjoy a new culture.

4. Enhanced Emotional and Physical Well-being

Living in a foreign country can be a great way to improve your physical and mental health. Being immersed in a new culture can help you learn new things and meet new people. This can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. In addition, living in a new country can also help you get more exercise. Walking or cycling to get around can help to increase your fitness levels, and exploring your new surroundings can give you the opportunity to be more active. In addition, living abroad can also help to improve your mental health. The stress of adapting to a new culture can help to boost your resilience, and the opportunity to make new friends can help to reduce social isolation. So if you're looking for a way to improve your physical and mental health, consider living abroad.

5. Become Happier

Everything is unfamiliar, from the food to the customs. But it can also be an incredibly enriching experience. When you live in a foreign country, you are forced to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. As a result, your appreciation for life grows. You start to see the world in a new light and to value the things that you once took for granted. Living abroad can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. So if you're feeling unhappy with your current situation, why not try living in a new country? It just might be the change that you need.

6. Boost your Social Life

Living in a foreign country can be an enlightening experience. You learn to navigate new situations and to communicate with people who may not speak the same language as you. In addition, you gain a greater understanding of other cultures and how they operate. You gain confidence in your ability to adapt to new environments and to communicate effectively with others. In the process, you also expand your horizons and open yourself up to new experiences.

7. Become Yourself

Have an exciting and liberating experience. With no friends or family to hold you back, it's the perfect time to reinvent yourself and become the person you've always wanted to be. It's a chance to start fresh, make new friends, and explore a new culture. So if you're considering making a move overseas, go for it! It may just be the best decision you ever make.

8. Worry Less

Reduce your stress and boost your overall wellness. According to the American Psychological Association, stress is a silent killer that has been related to six of the top causes of mortality. However, living in a new country might provide you with the opportunity to adopt lifestyle changes that can help reduce stress. For example, you may be able to adopt a healthier diet, increase your physical activity, or spend more time socializing with friends and family. Living in a different culture can also help you develop new methods to cope with stress and become more resilient in the face of hardship. As a result, deciding to live abroad might be a critical step in safeguarding your mental and physical health.

9. Superior weather conditions

Living abroad has many benefits, one of which is the ability to choose the climate that best suits you. As we age, our bodies become less able to regulate our internal temperature, making us more susceptible to both heat and cold. As a result, retirees often find that a warm climate is more comfortable than a cold one. By living in a country with a tropical or subtropical climate, seniors can enjoy pleasant weather all year round. In addition, retirees who live in warmer climates tend to have lower rates of respiratory problems, arthritis, and heart disease. So if you're looking for a retirement destination that will help you stay healthy and happy, consider moving to a sunny country.

10. Care That Exceeds Expectations At A Reasonable Price

Americans often assume that they will have to forego quality health care if they choose to live abroad. However, this is not the case in many popular expat destinations. In countries like Spain and Thailand, for example, expats have the choice of enrolling in a national health-care plan or purchasing private coverage. And while the cost of premiums can be a fraction of what you are used to paying in the United States, the quality of care is often just as good, if not better. So if you're considering a move overseas, rest assured that you will still be able to find quality health care to meet your needs.

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